Power of Attorney Download for Property – Compliant with Deeds Office

Did you know that practically all Powers of Attorney, received by conveyancers, will not be accepted by the Deeds Office.

So therefore, we offer to download a drafted Power of Attorney to you, that will comply with Deeds Office Rules and Regulations.

Photocopies and scanned PDF documents will not be accepted by the Deeds Office. The Legislation demands only original documents. Even in this day and age, electronic and digital signatures will be rejected.

If copies and scanned PDF documents were allowed, there would be no need for any Power of Attorney and conveyancing documents could be scanned and emailed directly to the Deeds Office. Powers of Attorney would become irrelevant and obsolete.

But at this time, originally signed Powers of Attorney are still required.

Powers of Attorney are popular, because Sellers and Borrowers are not always available to sign further documents whilst they are travelling. Because documents have to be signed in original format, they appoint a trusted person to sign their documents as their representative

Invariably, the owner goes travelling, believing that the Power of Attorney that he gave, will facilitate transfer of his property whilst he is away.

However, he does not know that there are very specific Rules and Regulations in the Deeds Registries Act, which more often than not, will disqualify the document.

Recent changes now require the Power of Attorney to show a conveyancer’s License to Practice Number, (the LPC number), in the top right-hand corner.

So the whole purpose of signing a Power of Attorney before the owner goes away will be defeated, if it is not compliant. Then of course the problem can only be rectified once he has returned. Alternatively, the only other solution is for the owner to sign again and then courier original documents back to the conveyancer.

Contact us so we can draft a Power of Attorney that will be accepted by the Deeds Office.

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