Urban Densification

What is urban densification and how does it affect you? The Council has a policy of encouraging more and more people to live and occupy the existing areas within the city of Johannesburg. The practical effect is to allow developers to erect more and more smaller and more compact apartments in the city. The City […]

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Sectional Title vs. Freehold: What Is the Difference?

Freehold land ownership has the following characteristics: The owner of the “property” owns the ground, the underground and the space above it. All improvements (buildings) permanently  acceding to the ground belong to the owner of the property. The property means the ground plus any improvements thereon. One cannot own improvements on the property belonging to another.

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Subdividing Your Property

We focus on the final processes of subdividing your property, taking the process forward from the town planning to the final registrations in the deeds office. Why subdivide your property? Get 2 properties for the price of one; Transfer a separate property to each of your children to provide security and keep the family close

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