Bond Registration

Step 1

Receipt of instructions from the Bank for bond registration

Instructions received electronically

Deeds Office Search

Step 2

Contact client to confirm receipt of the instructions and request any documents required

Confirm with client if details on Mortgage Loan Agreement are correct

Obtain contact details of the Transfer Attorneys

Step 3

Request draft deed and guarantee requirements from the Transfer Attorneys

Step 4

On receipt of the draft deed and guarantee requirements prepare documents for signature

Contact the client and arrange for signature of the documents and payment of the bond registration costs

Step 5

Send guarantee(s) to the Transfer Attorneys

Obtain all documents to comply with bond registration conditions

Step 6

Send documents to the Bank in order to obtain a proceed to lodge

Step 7

Obtain a proceed to lodge from the Bank

Step 8

Arrange lodgement in the Deeds Office with Transfer Attorneys and Bond Cancellation Attorneys

Examination Process takes seven to ten working days

Bond registration process is complete

Step 9

Deeds Office Releases Mortgage Bond

Transfer Attorneys send Title Deed to Bond Attorneys

Bond Attorneys deliver Mortgage Bond and Title Deed to the Bank

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